June 2020 Director’s Note

by Jeanette Roe, Director

Life consists of experiences, challenges, and achievements; all of which are building blocks that essentially create one’s path to success. In one’s lifetime, they can experience tough and difficult challenges. Sometimes these challenges become unbearable, especially when the odds are against you. However, going against all odds is something everyone is capable of doing, and to overcome these challenges everyone needs to have a “never quit” attitude in life. If we develop it, we’ll overcome quite a bit.

Many people all around the world face challenges and obstacles every day in their daily lives. Every-one faces certain obstacles, roadblocks, or handicaps in their life. A person can either overcome an obstacle or be overcome by the obstacle. No one escapes challenging obstacles in their life, they just handle the situation with a positive attitude.

I believe life is full of many sticky situations where you feel like just giving up. However, when you conquer those situations, you will get this enormous feeling of achievement that is so great and no one can take your contentment away from you.

If everyone decided to quit at every obstacle, our world would be nothing like it is today. There would not be any technology, medical, economic, political, or social advancements. These obstacles make us stronger when we fail and make the out-comes more rewarding when we do succeed.

I believe life is about overcoming every day encountered obstacles including COVID-19. This special obstacle is invisible to the human eye and is too large to tackle one on one. The lack of preparedness, the speed of infection, and the fear of the unknown has overwhelmed all of us in the last two months. Everyone is asking for their lives to get back to normal, however, we are now in a new normal of limited contact, wearing face masks, gloves, and sanitizing everything frequently. The Center will reopen to the public when it is deemed safe for the staff, volunteers, and members. Remember we all need to work together to overcome this obstacle!

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