Our Mission


Participating and contributing to the Senior Citizen’s Activity within the Range of Civic, Cultural, Medical, and Nutritional Opportunities for the Older Individuals of our Community.

We Stand By These Values:

  • Mission – Participating and contributing to the Senior Citizen’s Activity within the range of Civic, Medical, Transportation, and Nutritional Opportunities for the older individuals of our community.
  • Purpose – Provide nutritional meals to home-bound seniors and individuals at the center. Promote socialization by providing activities that enhance the quality of life and the mental, emotional, and physical health of individuals while allowing them to remain independent and in their own homes.
  • Community Impact – We are an indispensable resource committed to being the nexus for the transformative power of healthy aging, serving the needs and harnessing the energy and experience of our participants to enrich the community in which we live.
  • Industry Leadership – We aspire to be a recognized expert and leader in the field of aging based on our innovative programming and talented, motivated staff.
  • Excellence – We strive for excellence and inclusiveness in the management and governance of our organization and in the execution of our programs and activities.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – We are committed to a self-supporting, non-profit business model. We manage our finances responsibly and work collaboratively to achieve our mission and ensure the future financial security of the organization.

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