How Can You Get Involved?


Volunteerism is an important component in keeping the Senior Center up and running. There are hundreds of positions that need an active volunteer either at the Senior Center or at various nonprofits in our community. Some volunteers have regularly schedule volunteer shifts, like our Front Desk and Crazy Quilter volunteers. While others only require that a person come to help out with special events, like our Saturday morning breakfasts or special events. We have a vast number of volunteer opportunities available at the Senior Center for our members to choose from depending on their interests, talents, and skills.

Many Senior Center members volunteer in our community at places like St. Luke’s Hospital, Safe Harbor, Twin Falls Municipal Band, The Twin Falls Rotary Club, and several others. Senior Center members have a lifetime of talents to give to our community. They are valuable, vibrant and active citizens. Senior Center members give back to our community in countless hours of volunteerism, making Twin Falls a better place to live.

If you would like to become an active Senior Center volunteer, please call 208-734-5084 to inquire. You may also download and print this Volunteer Interest Form and return it to the Front Desk. We will be happy to assist any members who are looking for a volunteer opportunity but aren’t sure where to begin or those who are looking for a specific type of volunteer experience and want to get connected to an organization in our community.

We have many volunteer positions that are currently open right here at the Senior Center. We hope you will consider volunteering with us today!

We are delighted that you are considering becoming a volunteer at the Twin Falls Senior Center hereby referred to as TFSC and or the Center. We can’t stress enough the importance of our volunteers at the Center and our partners in the community.

The TFSC strives to support its volunteers and deliver excellent training to allow you to succeed in their volunteer position. Sharing your skills and experience with us and our community, you join others in making a difference every day. Your volunteer devotion to the Center provides support and respect for our programs, raises awareness among our community partners, and helps our members and guests pursue healthy aging opportunities.

It is our desire that your volunteering experience will be both exciting and rewarding. Thank you again for giving your time and sharing your talents. Please contact me at (208) 734-5084 to learn more about our current volunteer opportunities.

We Can’t Do It Without You!

We deliver meals to homebound seniors in the Twin Falls area Monday through Friday.

  • Routes take an hour or less to complete.
  • Your commitment is based on your availability.
  • Pick a day to drive once or twice a month, pick a day of the week to drive, or be a substitute driver. (You must be 18 years of age and have your own car and proof of liability insurance).
  • Drivers receive a .58 cents a mile fuel reimbursement.
  • This opportunity to serve will be Self-Rewarding & Life-Changing.

Please help seniors in Twin Falls. Call 734-5084 to become a volunteer at The Twin Falls Senior Center.

Volunteers needed

Volunteering At The Center

As volunteers, you are the very Heart and Soul of this community.

Volunteers at the Senior Center provide 75% of the labor required to run the Center and they give over 15,000 hours of annual service to the community. It is impossible to completely understand the enormity of this gift. The blessing is that those who give also receive. Clinical studies have shown that seniors who volunteer are happier, have an increased sense of well-being, enjoy broader social networks, and live longer!

  • Computer Teachers – The Center is looking for individuals who would like to teach basic computer classes to Seniors.  Classes are usually for 1 hour twice a week for a two-week period.  Class times are flexible based upon your schedule.  The Center provides the class agenda and instruction manuals.  Class size will vary from 2 to 6 students.  This is a great opportunity to volunteer and share your expertise.  Please call 208-734-5084 for information about becoming a computer instructor for the Center.
  • Quilting Volunteers – The Twin Falls Senior Center has a group of ladies (The Crazy Quilters) who are looking for individuals who have an interest in putting finishing touches on quilts as a group while socializing at the same time. The group meeting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 9:00am to Noon. This is a great opportunity to volunteer. All quilt project proceeds are given directly to the Twin Falls Senior Center. Please come join the fun of quilting.
  • Dining Room Volunteers – The Senior Center is currently seeking volunteers to be part of our Dining Room crew. The team needs people to help with the lunch crowd. The job entails assisting seniors with their meal trays, placing water on the tables and wiping up the tables after lunch in addition to helping clean up the occasional spill. Join us in making the Senior Center looking at its finest.
  • Home Meal Delivery Drivers – The Falls Senior Center is currently seeking weekly and “on-call” substitute drivers for its Home meal delivery program serving Twin Falls. We deliver lunchtime meals Monday through Friday to over 140 homebound seniors who are unable to cook for themselves. Your commitment for driving would be only 1-2 hours per day from 10:30am to 11:45am. Training is minimal and can include delivering with another driver until one feels comfortable with their own route. Please join their team and have fun serving the local community.
  • Be a Living Treasure in the Community – In Japan, older people are officially designated Living Treasures. The Japanese recognize that with age come life experience and wisdom. Many organizations in Twin Falls specifically seek senior volunteers because of their knowledge, skills, and talents.